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The ZEE network has attracted more than 60 members from a variety of institutions and research backgrounds, including those profiled below. 

Membership is open to new and experienced researchers from around the world working on SMEs and climate change – if you are interested in joining, please get in touch via the Contact Us page with a brief outline of your research.


Tina Fawcett

of Oxford

Energy policy, demand reduction

Will Eadson

Sheffield Hallam University

Sustainability transitions, economic geography

Sam Hampton Profile Pic B&W Square

Sam Hampton

University of Oxford
University of Bath

Policy and governance, innovation, capability 


Richard Blundel

Open University Business SChool

Entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability

Katherine Sugar

Katherine Sugar

University of Edinburgh
University of Oxford

Policy and governance, energy efficiency


Phil Northall

Sheffield Hallam University

Urban transitions, innovation, justice

Jacqueline Kirk

Jacqueline Kirk

Nottingham Trent University

Values, Messaging, Net Zero

Laura Spence

Royal Holloway
University of Oxford

Business ethics, sustainability, CSR

Anastasia Ri

Anastasia Ri

Enterprise Research Centre
Aston Business School

Sustainability transitions, Innovation, Entrepreneurship


Nayanee Silva

University of Surrey

Business sustainability, Net Zero Transition, CSR

Fred RSA 2

Fred Paterson

University of Derby

Sustainability leadership, Enterprise support 


Vicki Belt

Enterprise Research Centre
Warwick Business School

Policy and governance, impact and engagement


Alice Owen

University of Leeds

Construction, Supply chains, Place-based

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Tedd Mose

University of Oxford

Law, Sustainable Finance, Innovation

Joanna Karmowska

Oxford Brookes University

Sustainable entrepreneurship, Innovation, Internationalisation


Amruta P. Joshi

University of Warwick

Sustainable Energy Systems, Carbon Accounting, Circular Supply Chains

Sarah Williams

University of Cumbria

Values, Faith, Justice

Richard Bull

Richard Bull

Nottingham Trent University

Citizen engagement, Energy, Behaviour change

Asha Mistry

University of Leicester

SME engagement, sustainable entrepreneurship

Peter Roscoe

Peter Roscoe

UCL Bartlett School

Energy efficiency, NetZero, Small Bakery Enterprises