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Membership is open to researchers around the world working on SMEs and climate change.

Andrea Revell

Kingston University (Affiliate)

Sustainability, Systemic solutions, Deep ecology 

David Powell

Climate Outreach

Values, Communications, Public engagement

Gavin Killip

Nottingham Trent University

Construction, Micro-Enterprise, Retrofit

Kerrie Unsworth

University of Leeds

Behaviour change, Motivation, Leadership

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Andrew Reeves

De Montford University

Civic Universities, Climate Education, Behaviour Change
Erica Russell

Erica Russell

University of Surrey

Local climate governance, Net zero, Embodied carbon
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David Kenington

University College London

Energy policy evaluation, Action research
David Stokes

David Stokes

Kingston University (Emeritus)

Sustainable Networks & Entrepreneurship


Chinedu Nevo

Open University

Sustainability, Renewable Startups, African Emerging Markets


Harald Wieser

KMU Forschung (Austria)

Transformation, Climate Policy, Scaling


Inge Hill

Open University

SMEs, Business Support, SDGs


Jakob Kofler


Innovation policy, Transformation

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Lauren Tuckerman

Oxford Brookes University

Social Innovation, Sustainability Policy, Small business


Karin Bachinger

KMU Forschung (Austria)

Entrepreneurship, Sustainable SMEs

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Michael Shaper

Curtin Australia

Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Asia-Pacific 

Simon Wehden

Simon Wehden

Technical University of Berlin

Craft Industries, Decision-Making, Transitions


Katy Janda

University College London

Professional practices, Group decision-making, Change from the middle-out